Aron Budinszky

Experienced iOS and app code architect

About Me

My story, in short

Born in Austin (colloquially known as Silicon Hills), I became interested in programming at an early age. When I first moved to Budapest as a high school student in the late 90s, I learned PHP to create which quickly became the biggest online music community in the country. After working for several different companies creating web, social and mobile apps, I founded Outlast (2011-2018), a software development agency focused on web and mobile development for ad agencies.

I am now based in Berlin (since 2015) and here I've had the opportunity to work on several large apps with worldwide market reach, including one with millions of active users.

With more than two decades of software development across a wide variety of languages, environments, and technologies, I have amassed a vast array of expertise regarding the art of coding, efficient development processes, and a resolute focus on end-user experiences - whether that be a client, a customer, or another fellow developer.

I am open to iOS, macOS, Kotlin Multiplatform, or Swift Server (Vapor) developer positions with priority to companies with a focus on music tech. I aim to continue doing what I love: producing productive, test-driven, organized, and maintainable code to create beautiful user experiences.

Projects & Work Experience

Some of the apps I've worked on

Click a logo to see project details. For a list of companies I have worked for take a look at my CV.

Skills & Education

What I know and what I'm interested in

iOS & Mac

10+ years of experience
in native dev,
Swift & Objective-C,
iPhone, iPad,
& Mac apps.

Web Dev

25 years of experience
in web development
including Server-side Swift,
PHP, JS, advanced database,
and server management.


Formerly founder & CEO
of web & mobile dev
agency Outlast,
including 7 years of
business & programming lead experience.


Bachelor in Economics & in
Political Science from
the University of Texas.
20+ years of informal &
formal studies in countless
programming courses.

Contact Me

My contacts and full CV

Rheinsberger str. 41
10435 Berlin, DE
„It’s a very simple connection to make.“ „Extremely simple!“ while demonstrating a complicated connection on the show Database in 1984 #80s #nerd #preinternet -